• Urban Soul Collection

    Big City Dreams (2017)

  • Complexion Collection

    Silver Rain (2015)

  • Rings of Hope Collection

    Detail (2017)

  • Nepal in Black & White


Welcome to my website

As an abstract artist, creating artwork is in part a form of expression as much as it is the creation of beautiful aesthetics. Art has the power to make one see things in a new light. It allows us to discover the beauty in what is around us and ponder the mysteries of the unknown. To me, a canvas is a stage where all elements play a role in bringing together a story. In the process of studying and understanding these elements, I free my mind of conventional art and set the stage to pursue abstract concepts rich in colour and form. I explore the subtle visual relationships of colliding colours and merging textures which often end up revealing unexpected imagery.

Whether I choose a monochromatic minimalistic approach or a complex multimedia construction, my art flows into a certain style. I use day to day tools to create snap shots of what are basically various moments in life. Art is a journey of self discovery, growth and letting go of all disciplines and norms.

My work is inspired by micro images, textures, surfaces and colour fields. One can't help but to see its' story, a timeline of events and accidents. I believe we are influenced especially by colours. By noticing which colours we're drawn to at any given time, we can understand where we need to bring balance into our lives.